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In the early 1900's the property at Island View was divided into 2 separate lots.  The west side of the property, 853 E. Front ST., was a nursing home and the East side of the property, 855 E. Front ST.,  was a farm bought by the Delong Family. Closer to the 1930's both properties were developed into motels.


The 853 side became the Bay Bank Motel and the 855 side, consisting of the big Colonial House, cottage #11 and the Carriage House became the Shore Pines Motel.  Both motels remained this way until the mid 1970's when current owner Bill Rasmussen purchased the property.

CIRCA 1950


Bill purchased the 855 side of the property in 1975.  He lived and practiced law on the main floor of the Colonial House.  He continued to use the second floor of the Colonial House, cottage #11 and the Carriage House as monthly rentals.  In 1979 he purchased the 853 side of the property, moved his residence to the house off of Front St where the IVC office currently is and changed the name to Island View Cottages.  


From 1979-1982 he continued with monthly rentals and then switched to nightly/weekly rentals in the summer of '82.  In the early 1990's the Beach House was moved onto the property. Bill and his family still reside on the property of IVC and run the rentals year round.  Besides running IVC, Bill continues to practice law and is a published author.

New Management

Starting 2018 Island View Cottages will be changing hands! Not to an outside company, but rather generations as Bill passes the torch to son Tom and son-in-law Shaun.

"Moving forward we want people to experience that feeling of a time since passed. Looking forward to improving facilities."

-Tom Rasmussen

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